Friday, May 21, 2010

Show no fear! Stand your ground! You will win.

I was fighting bees at midnight with Eusebio - I now call him the bee warrior.   

This is the second year I waged war on the bees.  Don't get me wrong, I like them, they are important for our ecosystem - flowers to fruit.  However, when they decided to build their hive on the side of my house, under the eaves and inside the stucco, the bees were getting into my house and ants were rampaging through trying to find the honey ...  it was time.  Last year I tried doing it on my own and lost the war.  For a week, at 1am every morning, I huffed and I puffed, hauling this very heavy and tall ladder up the side of my house, not quite reaching the target, and sprayed more poison on myself than the bees.  I even tried squeezing out of my upstairs small bathroom window, getting half of my body dangling outside (it’s quite a long drop to the bottom), contorting myself and using a mirror to try to direct the spray at the entry-point.  When my BF came up to help in the weekend, he's a lot taller and managed to get the pesticide spray closer to the opening but we only got the bees mad at us instead.  So we retreated in the face of the swarming bees.  I finally called in the professionals - it took them 3 trips to get rid of the bees and cost $300.

This year the bees came back again, building another hive just 4 feet from the previous location.  It was on the outside of the stucco this time and big.  Of course, I had been ignoring the problem for a while, hoping it was just a temporary hive which has happened before.  But no, it just got bigger and bigger.  And more and more bees got into my house.  I got a good tip from a friend who said to use starter fluid as it will kill them on impact.  This time I enlisted the help of Eusebio.  We discovered that my bees are resistant to starter fluid, it only got them mad and they started buzzing us.  However, Eusebio showed me that if you stand your ground and show no fear, they will not attack you. Which is true, as they landed on us, we just swatted them away.  Eusebio then hit the bees and hive with strong blasts of water and managed to kill them all and the bees didn't get mad at all.  They just dropped to the ground.  It was magnificent ... watching Eusebio the bee warrior get rid of my bee problem.  I was just the supporting cast, holding the light and turning on the water on command.

Eusebio's theory is when you hit the bees with something natural like water, the bees don't get mad because they don't think they are being attacked by humans.  Also, animals can sense your fear, if you show no fear, they are not going to attack you.  He told me another story about the time when a mad dog leapt a fence and was charging at him, growling and snapping its jaws.  This dog was known to attack other people.  Eusebio growled back louder at the dog and ran full out, charging at the dog.  The dog stopped, turned around, ran away from Eusebio and jumped the fence.  The next time that dog saw Eusebio, it gave him respect and stayed away.

I have no fear in facing life's obstacles but am a total wimp when it comes to bees, cockcroaches, crazy dogs that bite and snakes.  Eusebio helped me face my fears by standing beside me and standing his ground against the angry bees.  I didn't even freak out when a bee got inside my T-shirt, I just fished it out and tossed it away.

I have often helped many people face their fears head-on and take that leap of faith - this is what I do best and it comes easily to me.  That's because I have no fear when it comes to adversity - I just meet it head-on, figure out the alternatives and take action.  I also have no fear in trying anything new - things completely out of my comfort zone, is foreign to me, or exploring places where I don't speak the language and don't know anyone.  Or just confronting and resolving issues with another person.  But it is not often that someone else has done that for me.  I thank Eusebio for the warrior lesson and I am glad I asked for his help (asking for help is not my strong suit but I'm getting better).  He offered to help a year ago when I had my first bee problem but I didn't want to impose.  Silly me.

BTW - Eusebio is a dance instructor and owns Preciado's Ballroom Studio (  I teach at his studio.  Eusebio found me through a series of amazing circumstances and we just have so much fun there teaching ballroom dancing to our beginner students, getting them through their fears, making their learning process fun and positive and helping them become good dancers.  

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